Water Heaters in Alexandria, VA and Arlington, VA

The average water heater will last 12-14 years—if you’re lucky you’ll have one that lasts longer. There are some tell-tale signs that it may be time to replace rather than repair, which may need to be considered when the water heater is as young as eight years old:

1. No hot water
2. Reduced hot water flow

Simple as that. If it’s more than eight years old and you’re having problems, replacement is likely your best option. More recent models should be repaired if possible.

You might be interested in a new water heater because your residence doesn’t have sufficient water supply. Maybe the previous homeowner didn’t have three teenage girls, or you’re finding that the hot water runs out by the time you get your morning shower or evening bath. We understand no one likes taking a cold shower. We’re here to help.

We repair and install all major brands, including Ruud, A.O. Smith, and State. If you would prefer another brand, we can help with that as well. Gas or electric, big or small, even the popular new tankless water heaters.

Thermal Expansion Tanks in Alexandria, VA

If your home has a pressure reducing valve, backflow prevention valve, or anything similar, your home has what is referred to as a “closed” system. If plumbing fixtures aren’t being used in a closed system it can wear out seals, damage valves inside appliances, and shorten the life of water heaters.

If your homes has a PRV, Dwyer can install an expansion tank to keep this pressure from damaging your water heater. Call today!


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