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People tends to associate plumbers with one thing in particular: toilets. It’s probably because the toilet is the one item in a home that really exemplifies the wonders of indoor plumbing. (Water heaters are great, but they’re no where near as important as proper sanitation.)
Having a quality toilet, such as a Toto, can really make a difference. One customer who was tired of paying to have his son’s toys snaked out of the toilet every month was very happy to learn that spending extra on toilets meant that we could help him avoid those headaches. After installing one Toto toilet he asked us to come out and install two more. Really, commodes are not all created equal; serious thought and engineering can go into them.

We can help with leaking toilets, running toilets, and backed up toilets. Sometimes those backed up toilets are a symptom of a much larger problem, but sometimes they’re just that–a clog. We can also replace your toilet with one you provide or we can provide you with one; we’ve got tons to choose from.

We know our trade. We’re here to help you.

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