Never worry about basement flooding or sewage issues.

Alexandria, VA Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are commonly found in basements to help prevent flooding throughout the year. They’re especially common in homes where the basement is finished, but are also found in homes that simply have basements prone to taking on water during heavy rain storms.

Sump pumps are either electric or water powered; there are also battery backup pumps if you live somewhere that often suffers from power outages.

Dwyer Plumbing can repair or replace existing sump pumps, but we can also install them in homes that have never had a pump but need one.

Read Washington Post article on sump pumps where they asked for the expertise of Dwyer Plumbing. 

Alexandria, VA Sewer Ejector Pumps

Sewer ejector pumps are for homes that need more than gravity to remove waste water, aka, “black water,” from homes to the county main. When they don’t work it means the sewage has no where to go but into your home. They are also used to get waste to a septic tank; these are referred to as septic ejector pumps.

Dwyer Plumbing can repair or replace existing sewer ejector pumps, but we are also capable of installing them in homes that have an issue with the grading of the sewer.

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