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If your current sink or faucet is having issues, Dwyer Plumbing can help. We can resolve kitchen drain clogs, leaking kitchen faucets or fixtures, or replace your kitchen sinks and kitchen faucets. In addition, Dwyer can help fix your bathroom plumbing issues as well: bathroom faucets and bathroom fixtures including bathroom sink faucets and bathtub faucets are some of our specialties. 

We get it: it’s tempting to tackle those leaky shower faucets yourself. But stop! Not everything can be solved simply by taking apart the P-Trap… and you know that you can’t trust your spouse to finally getting around to fixing that annoying, drippy kitchen sink faucet—even though it’s driving you both crazy with its incessant dripping. 

Chances are, you’ve already picked up some faucets or fixtures at your local home repair store, and your attempt at repairing your kitchen or bathroom sink/shower faucet isn’t going so well. The products sold at most of those stores look and feel really cheap—not as nice as the packaging (or the pricing!) would lead you to believe. 

At Dwyer, we carry only the best brands: American Standard and Wolverine Brass are the standard faucets and fixtures we carry with us, but we can also supply Grohe, Brizo, or Kohler brand sinks, faucets, and fixtures. The best part about getting your sinks and faucets from Dwyer is the fact that they’re backed by our warranty. Even if you chose your own faucet or fixture, we can install if for you!


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Sink Styles

  • Console: this sink is supported by legs, making this style more like a washstand. These are a good sink choice for small spaces.
  • Self-Rimming: a self-rimming sink has a visible rim above the counter.
  • Pedestal: a pedestal sink is quite literally on a pedestal instead of a counter. This saves space and helps a bathroom look larger than it is.
  • Undercounter Sinks: this sink style has no rim above the counter. This gives them a clean, streamlined look AND makes them easier to clean. Undercounter sinks help emphasize your faucet.
  • Vanity: vanity sinks are your standard sink and countertop above a cabinet solution. These sinks are good for people who like or need storage below. 
  • Vessel: vessel sinks are also known as above counter or bowl sinks. Vessel sinks sit atop a counter, making a bold statement. These fixtures work great in powder rooms, but some people say they make it hard to wash your face if installed in a main bathroom.
  • Wall-Hung: a wall-hung sink is mounted directly on a wall. This allowed it to be installed at any height.

Regardless of your preferred style of sink or fixture, Dwyer is skilled at installing them all! Give us a call or schedule your service right on our website.

About Dwyer: Sinks and Faucets for Northern Virginia

The Dwyer family has been in the plumbing business since 1922. We are proud to provide fast and reliable sinks, faucets, and fixtures to customers in Northern Virginia, establishing a tradition of workforce excellence and customer trust. Dwyer is proudly independent of all other plumbing companies and their trade names, and is an accredited member of the Metropolitan Washington, D.C. Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. Our skilled plumbers bring years of knowledge and expertise, providing valuable sink/faucet repair, replacement, and installation services to Alexandria, VA residents.

At Dwyer Plumbing, we use up-front pricing for all plumbing services. We believe in flat-job pricing, which better serves our customers and promotes quality plumbing services. In addition to offering our customers the best pricing available for sinks and faucets, Dwyer Plumbing offers limited warranties on labor and material. We want you to be completely satisfied with your plumbing work—that’s the Dwyer difference.