At Dwyer, taking care of our customers, our employees, and our fellow Virginians is what we do every day. Nearly a century ago, American Standard ran an ad campaign with the tagline, “The Plumber Protects the Health of the Nation”; as a company we have done our best to ensure all our employees understand that is not merely ad copy, it is a dictate by which we measure our Standards of Performance. Our corporate objectives conclude with the words: “Serve the Community by Developing a Profitable Organization to Continuously Assure the Preservation of the Public Health and Comfort, and Dependable Service into the Future.” On March 19, 2020, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued a memorandum that confirms all the trades Dwyer engages in classify us as “essential critical infrastructure workers.” We remain open to serve you.

Every day, we safely and reliably provide plumbing, heating, and cooling services so that our customers can be as comfortable as possible at home—a place many of you may find yourself confined to a great deal more than usual. While COVID-19 is the current threat of the day, Dwyer has weathered many crises since 1922, so just keep in mind, things will get better. We have done our best to operate the business with a long-term outlook, ensuring you will continue to invite us into your home to keep elemental things—water and air—flowing. We understand you may have concerns about letting us in for regularly scheduled maintenance appointments, but please rest assured that we deal with contaminants daily and will only be ever more vigilant about our handling and hygiene with COVID-19 on the move. Our commitment is to safe work and home environments.

The CDC has been clear about necessary preventive actions: wash your hands and increase ventilation in your home. So, if something about the water or air in your home doesn’t seem right, just give us a call, or send us an email or text message, and we’ll be out as soon as possible. If it is necessary to make operational modifications over the coming weeks, we will post any updates on our website and social media channels.

Lastly, we decided some time ago that it was time to freshen up our look and emphasize all our trades uniformly. With everything else that’s going on, we’ll be doing so without much fanfare, but we just want you to be aware that Dwyer Plumbing Inc. /dba/ Dwyer Plumbing Corp. is now doing business as Dwyer Plumbing, Heating & Air. It’s still us, the same trusted craftsmen here to serve Northern Virginia.

Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands,

Dan Cochran, MPLB, MGFC, MHVA
Dwyer Plumbing, Heating & Air