Testing Nest Thermostats

//Testing Nest Thermostats

Testing Nest Thermostats

Two weeks ago, I installed two Nest thermostats in our company president’s home. I admit that it’s more pleasing to the eye than the previous thermostats, but honestly a thermostat isn’t exactly something you notice much after walking past it a few times. The important part to us at Dwyer Plumbing is determining if the software inside the silver hockey-puck is going to be something average homeowners will find value in to determine if we should recommend them. We chose to install them in the president’s home because he and his wife aren’t exactly tech savvy but own iPads, etc., so they’re pretty much an average user. To date, our HVAC technicians have only seen two in customers’ homes in Northern Virginia.

The Nest supposedly programs itself to learn when you get up, leave for work, get home, and go to sleep, etc. making subtle changes to the homes temperature in order to conserve energy. The president and his wife are still learning how to use it (it’s pretty straight forward though requires adjustments at first to allow it to know what temperatures and times you generally prefer) and it’s supposedly learning too. However, it’ll be a while and a few electric bills before we can actually pass judgment if there is a vast improvement over the old Honeywell thermostats that previously graced their walls. It’ll take even longer to decide if people really need access to their thermostats from their iPhones. The digital home is probably inevitable, but it’ll only be worthwhile to us if it means we don’t have to think too much about keeping our nest comfortable. A lot of technology, though, seems to merely encourage us to be obsessed with things that previously weren’t worth worrying about and still aren’t.

Let us know if you need some help installing a Nest thermostat. We’re not yet a vendor for them, but you can buy them yourself on Amazon or at Best Buy.

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