an old picture and bit of history

//an old picture and bit of history

an old picture and bit of history

I asked Richard Dwyer to bring me some photographs and material from the Dwyer archives to decorate our walls, and some of the images are great. The one above, taken somewhere in Alexandria in the 1950’s, is of the original founder of Dwyer–he’s the man on the far left. I thought it was worth sharing, and reiterating the pleasures of working in a long-standing family business.

Dwyer Plumbing is a family business; for decades it was owned and operated by the Dwyer family. Eventually, after a sale in 2000 to a now bankrupt company, no one in the family wanted to take up the Dwyer name again to operate it, so Richard Dwyer, IV asked my father to be the 13th son. My father, Dan, worked as a plumber and manager for Mr. Dwyer for 21 years. Dwyer Plumbing restarted operations in January 2003 (the name Dwyer Service was purchased from the bankrupt company by a very large company in the region).  Richard eventually gave over full ownership in 2006, so the company is presently held and operated by my family, though Richard is still on the Board of Directors. My wife intends to join us at Dwyer soon–we’ll be looking at adding in a new service at that time, as well as adding a new member to our family.

Just like Richard isn’t a plumber, I’m not either. Our fathers are the tradesmen, we handle the other things. Mr. Dwyer is my business mentor as I learn the ropes. I hadn’t expected to come back to work here, but after a number of years in the South and Southwest acquiring degrees, working at a high school and other various other jobs, I returned with a wife. I’ve been back full-time for a year, running things behind the scenes; previously I just handled some matters in the evening from wherever I happened to be living. Of course I did first start working here at age 14, so I’ve spent time in the field and customers’ homes.

Dwyer is a name you can trust. And Cochran, too.

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