A month ago I went down to Richmond, VA so Dwyer Plumbing could complete the process for becoming certified to perform heat pump tune-ups. Dominion Power is giving up to $90 per heat pump tune up. You can only receive a rebate (one per heat pump) once every five years, but, hey, that’s better than nothing. When we heard about it we signed up as fast as we could. The incentive for us is we help our customers save money; the incentive for Dominion is that regular tune-ups/inspection of heat pumps mean greater efficiency, which means Dominion doesn’t have to worry about building as many power plants.

If you already got your Spring Inspection, we can provide the paperwork when we come out for your Fall Inspection. Dominion’s paperwork only requires a few pieces of information from the individual who pays the Dominion bill, including your account number. We’ll make the necessary paperwork copies and fill out everything we’ve got to do, as well as mail it in for you.

On a side note, since I had to go to Richmond, I took my wife, who’d never been there before (she’s a Texas native), so we could have a mini, two-day adventure away from DC. We were both very surprised with Richmond. Growing up, I remember it to not be somewhere worth going; a bit too gritty, industrial, run-down, and depressed. Now, it’s quite a nice place but still has some of the character of an old industrial town with a lot of history, mixed with the college town feel thanks to VCU. There are interesting shops in the Carytown neighborhood, and the Virginia Museum of Fine Art is possibly one of the best art museums that either of us have been to–which is a lot (my wife has an MFA). It has some really unique pieces/styles in its collection, unlike many of the standard items seen at the Met or National Gallery. The furniture was perhaps some of my favorite stuff on display. Didn’t see any antique urinals or commodes, though I don’t care for Duchamp anyways. Also, Richmond has some beautiful parks to go wandering around, too.