Since June 2007, Dwyer Plumbing has offered hydrojetting. This is more a service we offer to commercial customers to better serve sanitary waste line maintenance requirements, but we also perform it for residential homes when asked, or when we think it’s the best option.  We can locate the line and determine by camera inspection the cause of the stoppage (waste, roots, corrosion, grease, sand, etc.) and its location.  We can then clear the line with up to twelve (12) gallons per minute at 3000 psi.

It’s pretty impressive, check out this YouTube video:

We continue to offer a complete line of residential and commercial plumbing services.  In addition to an experienced workforce and the Color TV Sewer Camera, we have electronic line location equipment, sewer jetting machines, mud and trash pumps and an arsenal of drain maintenance and excavation equipment.  We can clean, service, repair or replace any building’s sanitary waste system, including sewage ejectors.