Languages Spoken at Dwyer

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Dwyer Plumbing hires the best and friendliest technicians we can find; in the D.C. area this means that our workforce is ethnically diverse and -- more often than not -- bilingual (Though our owner only speaks English). Americans have vastly differing opinions regarding immigration, from the staunchly isolationist to very open arms people which disregard [...]

Dwyer is on Pinterest

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My name is Lisa Cochran, I maintain the Dwyer Pinterest page, and am here to help with your home design and decorating needs. If my last name sounds familiar, it's because I'm the daughter-in-law of Dan Cochran, the President & Plumbing Manager. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for design advice; we can also provide [...]

Tax Credits for Air Conditioning Systems

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The Federal Government offers tax credits for a number of Engery Star qualified HVAC systems. Dwyer Plumbing customers should always be aware, though, that the cost of the extremely high efficiency systems may be so much greater that savings may take many years to pay off even after the tax credit. $50 credit for an [...]

Offering Heat Pump Tune-up Rebate from Dominion Power

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A month ago I went down to Richmond, VA so Dwyer Plumbing could complete the process for becoming certified to perform heat pump tune-ups. Dominion Power is giving up to $90 per heat pump tune up. You can only receive a rebate (one per heat pump) once every five years, but, hey, that's better than [...]


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Since June 2007, Dwyer Plumbing has offered hydrojetting. This is more a service we offer to commercial customers to better serve sanitary waste line maintenance requirements, but we also perform it for residential homes when asked, or when we think it's the best option.  We can locate the line and determine by camera inspection the cause [...]