My wife and I are buying our first house, and during the contract back and forth, we were offered the option for a home warranty which would have cost the seller $450, instead we asked for a $500 credit; the seller conceded. Home warranties being offered during the purchase of a home are increasingly common, but we don’t think they’re worth it, given that you’re paying for sub-par service to maintain your sizable investment.

We know for a fact that the individuals sent to your home are under-trained, under-experienced, young laborers, rather than the highly skilled and extensively trained technicians we invest in at Dwyer. The work we’ve seen performed by home warranty companies and their sub-contractors is proof enough for us to say they’re a rip off to the homeowner. It also shouldn’t be very comforting that there is essentially one insurance company offering this warranty but under dozens of different names. The general consensus from a number of online review sites is that the customer service sucks, getting service is slow, the repair is insufficient, and the overall experience is far from acceptable, especially when the warranty company does everything they can to say they’re not going to cover it.

Don’t let someone (usually a realtor) convince you with a colorful brochure that you’re getting “peace of mind.” It’s common for people to call us and say that they’re not having a good experience trying to get service from their home warranty company, so they got a recommendation for us from their new neighbors. Don’t renew your home warranty contract, find a local contractor you trust and can develop a long-term relationship with. Save your money from the $500 yearly premium, and it should be sufficient to cover the standard repairs you’ll need.

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