AC in DC

AC in DC

It’s always nice when intellectual elites recognize their capacities have limits. A few years ago, Philip Terzian, the literary editor of the “Weekly Standard”, acknowledged:

I am generally bewildered by the mechanics of heating and air conditioning, and after a few desultory attempts to stop and restart the system, came to the sad conclusion that this was an unprecedented failure, requiring professional assistance and the likely expenditure of lots of money. (Source)

He goes on to make a few brief remarks about this modern luxury that has become practically a necessity in our nation’s capital–and everywhere else. A/C is certainly a welcome invention for us Washingtonians, though I wonder if we’d all be better off if Willis Carrier hadn’t installed A/C in the Capitol in 1928. Perhaps our representatives would just get in, settle it, and get out. Who wants to sit and craft legislation thousands of pages long when it’s so damn hot in the chambers? That might be an idea for solving some budget problems: turn off the A/C. I’m kidding, that would mean nothing would get solved and everyone would be cranky.

The warm season isn’t yet upon us. If you haven’t had a chance, don’t forget to call to have us come out and tune-up your A/C system. I’m sure you don’t want to be one of those customers like Terzian’s technician described who “beg, plead, weep, fall to the ground, introduce their sweltering children, or otherwise express, in dramatic fashion, just how close to extinction their lives have hovered” because they can’t get their A/C back on immediately.

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