Video Sewer Inspection

Do you want to see the inside of your sewer? We know the answer is, “Not really,” but you might need to. Video inspection is similar to having an endoscopy or colonoscopy, where we check out how things are flowing, or why they’re not. Perhaps you’ve got roots, or a break. Perhaps it’s just years of waste and grease lining the sewer.

Dwyer Plumbing provides Northern Virginia customers with a digital video so you can view it from anywhere, including sharing it with your insurance company.

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Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

If your sewer line is backing up, draining slowly, or leaking, we can perform a video inspection to identify the cause and the location(s) of the issue(s). More than likely, tree roots have cracked through the line, allowing debris to build up, causing backup. It’s also possible that items washed down the sink or flushed down the toilet have heaped together. Other factors include how well the type of material used (e.g., terra cotta, cast iron, Orangeburg, transite, ABS, PVC) has held up to constant water and roughage, and how well the original installation was performed.

When a relatively young sewer has failed, it was almost certainly improperly installed. Dwyer Plumbing has replaced sewers in many relatively new neighborhoods that had their sewers built incorrectly. In old sewers deterioration or tree roots are the likely cause. Usually located around ten feet below the ground, repairing or replacing a sewer requires serious knowledge, skill, patience, and brawn. Dwyer Plumbing will explain the issues, present you with a DVD of the inspection, answer all of your questions, and send you a written proposal of the work to be performed. Your repair or replacement will be backed by our warranty.

Trenchless Technology

It may be possible to repair or replace your sewer using a trenchless technology known as pipe bursting, which minimizes the amount of digging involved. Dwyer Plumbing provides trenchless solutions in Northern Virginia.

  • Entire sewer is replaced, not just repaired
  • Minimize disturbance to your yard
  • Follows existing sewer path

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  • Family-owned and locally-operated — we care about our reputation in the community
  • Honest, up-front pricing — no surprise costs or fake discounts
  • Friendly staff — our employees come to Dwyer and stay for the long term. We’re a good place to work because we hire only the best and the friendliest. We value our employees.
  • Warrantied Work — we stand behind our work, and we’ll always be here if an issue ever arises (unlike those mysterious white vans
  • Usually same day service — for all service work we’ll be out there the same day
  • No pressure — our employees aren’t paid on commission, unlike most of our competitors. Companies that pay on commission aren’t doing a service to their customers, they’re often trying to sell you something you don’t need.
  • We do it right the first time — we take the time to ensure that we’re not wasting yours
  • Local Expertise — our staff has been serving the area for decades, we know the nuances of the neighborhood sewers, construction, water pressure, etc. We know Northern Virginia.