Up-Front Pricing: We don’t charge by the hour; we charge by the job.

Dwyer Plumbing uses flat-rate pricing per job rather than time and materials based pricing, which we have found better serves our customers and promotes quality craftsmanship.  With flat-rate pricing, you don’t have to worry about a craftsman taking their time to ensure that you get the highest quality work.

The Service/Diagnostic Fee: Even if you think you know what’s wrong (and it may appear obvious), we want to ensure that it is the only issue. That’s why we have the service/diagnostic fee: $69.95 for Plumbing and $89.95 for Heating & Cooling. While we all love to self-diagnose everything after wasting a few hours reading on the internet, Dwyer Plumbing prefers that the right diagnosis is made so we can provide you the best solution.

Other companies lump the costs of sending a technician to your home, making the diagnosis, etc., into their total on your final bill, but we keep the service fee amount separate in order to help make sure our customers are better informed about the costs of each specific repair. Looking at our invoices, you can always be exactly sure what each task cost you.

After the technician diagnoses the best course of action to remedy the problem, he will give you a written proposal for the repairs to fix your problems with the costs. You then accept or decline all or specific recommendations before they begin their work by initialing beside the price.

Our friendly, knowledgeable technicians will gladly explain the details as to why the problem occurred, how it can be avoided and what can be done to provide a solution. We like to use our hard-earned expertise, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

All of us at Dwyer Plumbing want to make sure that you’re always comfortable with our suggestions, which is why our technicians are not paid on commission. We provide honest, quality work for a reasonable price. We’re after long-term relationships with our customers, and hope our family business can continue to proudly serve your children’s children.


Dwyer does provide free estimates on certain replacement equipment, e.g., HVAC systems–just not on problems that requires our technician to confirm the diagnosis.

We also perform free estimates for large scope work such as sewer replacements.

Limited Warranty and Other Terms

Labor Warranty: Dwyer Plumbing will remedy any deficiency in the labor craftsmanship, provided it receives prompt notice of the deficiency as follows: For Repair Service Work, Appliance/Fixture/Equipment Replacement and Installation Work: Within one (1) year of the date of substantial completion of the work performed; For Sewer and Drain-Clearing Working, and for Repair Service and Installations using Customer-Furnished Material: Within thirty (30) days of the date of substantial completion of the work performed. No warranty is given for the continued operation of the system or equipment repaired unless specifically noted in writing. The cost of additional work or new repairs will be quoted in advance at prevailing rates for you to accept or decline. Inspection work does not carry any warranty, but does assure that all accessible components of the system have been examined by a trained and qualified technician.

Material Warranty: Dwyer Plumbing, subject to the availability of replacement material, will remedy any deficiency in the material it furnishes to perform the work if it receives notice of the deficiency on or before one (1) year from the date of substantial completion of the work performed. The material furnished carries only the manufacturer’s limited warranty, if any, and Dwyer Plumbing neither warrants such material, nor adopts such warranty as its own. Dwyer Plumbing excludes any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or use or otherwise on all material furnished for this job. There is no material warranty hereunder for customer-furnished material or equipment.

Terms & Conditions: Warranty work will be performed during regular hours (7:30am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday except holidays) without charge. Emergency overtime warranty work will be performed upon Customer’s agreement to pay one-third (1/3) of the prevailing Customer Assurance Pricing overtime price for the warranty task(s) performed. The Diagnostic Fee will be waived on warranty work performed. No warranty work will be performed if Customer’s account is past due. Warranty work performed does not extend the warranty period.