Employment Opportunities

Dwyer Plumbing, Heating & Air seeks to employ professional craftsmen in the plumbing and HVAC trades. It also seeks other motivated individuals who desire to learn a trade and serve customers. We participate in the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry’s Trade Apprenticeship Program and will sponsor qualified employees desiring to take advantage of this opportunity. We are an equal opportunity employer.


Apply For A Career


1. Technical Expertise: The employee’s level of knowledge and skill for the type of work which he/she performs. He/She follows accepted procedures; he/she analyzes and remedies mechanical repair problems effectively the first time and correctly installs assigned work the first time; he/she asks for help when needed in making a decision; he/she triple checks his work; he/she produces the quantity of work needed; and he/she produces quality, cost-effective results.

2. Safety Consciousness: The employee’s level of care and caution for safety. He/She uses safety equipment without being reminded, including leather work shoes, goggles, and hardhat; is cautious with respect to potential hazards to himself and those around him on the job and while traveling; practices personal hygiene to minimize injury and infection.

3. Communication: The employee’s level of effort to communicate with those around him. He/She speaks and writes clearly and intelligently with customers, supervisors and co-workers; he/she doesn’t use vile or profane words; he/she listens and responds positively to instructions, advice and criticism.

4. Educational Advancement: The employee’s level of participation in educational opportunities. He/She takes advantage of professional education and technical training programs; he/she exceeds the minimum attendance, participation and examination requirements; he/she asks questions to learn; he/she learns from the mistakes of others, and he/she avoids making the same mistake twice.


5. Commitment: The employee’s level of desire to accomplish corporate objectives, especially sufficiency. He/She follows policy and procedures; he/she obeys directions; he/she readily accepts the challenge of new work assignments; uses planning to effectively accomplish results and minimize problems; works well unsupervised; is sober and disciplined; does his best to serve the customer and the company; will make a decision and follow through on it; he/she sets achievement and advancement goals and sticks with them until accomplished.

6. Honesty: The employee’s truthfulness in words and actions. He/She can be trusted in all respects; he/she always speaks the truth regardless of the consequences; he/she gives “eight hours work for eight hours pay”; he/she stays within the bounds of authorization.

7. Dependability: The employee’s level of consistency in behavior. He/She is steady; he/she always reports on time; he/she always stays with the job until his work is accomplished; he/she always completes required paperwork on time without being asked; he/she meets scheduled deadlines.


8. Appearance: The employee’s professional appearance while at work or in uniform. He/She strives to always project a professional image; he/she maintains a reasonably neat, clean, groomed, and uniformed appearance.

9. Attitude: The employee’s outlook while at work.He/She strives to serve and please those around him, especially customers; he/she is cheerful and cooperative; he/she maintains good working relations with customers, supervisors, and co-workers.

10. Cleanliness: The employee’s level of effort to keep tools, truck and job sites clean. He/She keeps tools, equipment, vehicles, and job sites in reasonably clean and ready condition; he/she regularly washes his assigned vehicle without being asked; he/she properly disposes of the trash his work generates.

11. Conservation Effectiveness: The employee’s level of efficiency in performing assignments. He/She does not waste time or effort of self or of others; he/she takes proper care in the use, maintenance, and security of materials, tools, equipment and vehicles; he/she recovers salvageable scrap; and he/she meets job cost objectives.