an old picture and bit of history

I asked Richard Dwyer to bring me some photographs and material from the Dwyer archives to decorate our walls, and some of the images are great. The one above, taken somewhere in Alexandria in the 1950's, is of the original founder of Dwyer--he's the man on the far left. I thought it was worth sharing, [...]

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St Mary’s Golf Tournament

Dwyer Plumbing recently sponsored a hole at St. Mary's Golf Tournement, in support of St. Mary's Catholic School in Alexandria. A good customer asked for support; St. Mary's parishoners have been good to Dwyer businesses, so we decided it was worth it. None of our management plays golf, so we let one of our employees [...]

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avoid home warranty companies

My wife and I are buying our first house, and during the contract back and forth we were offered the option for a home warranty which would have cost the seller $450, instead we asked for a $500 credit; the seller conceded. Home warranties being offered during the purchase of a home are increasingly common, [...]

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$30 Rebate for Programmable Thermostats

Dwyer customers, if you're a Washington Gas customer, they're offering a $30 rebate for having a programmable thermostat installed. Just call us an schedule to have a programmable thermostat installed; if we've installed a programmable thermostat for you in the last 30 days you're also eligible. Washington Gas Paperwork for $30 American Express gift card.

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SNL Potty Humor

Last night my wife told me she wanted to watch something short and funny--it was a long day at work for her. So I turned on Netflix and tried to make a quick choice. Saturday Night Live's "Parody Commercials" it was; it turns out they've done quite a few parody commercials every plumber can appreciate. [...]

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Fairfax Water Authority Quality Report 2013

Water quality is required by state and federal regulations to be monitored; Fairfax Water Authority took 13,000 samples over last year to come up with their quality tables that they have released into their nine page yearly report. If you're curious how safe our water is you should give it a read; the short answer is: very safe. [...]

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