Fairfax Water Authority Quality Report 2013

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Water quality is required by state and federal regulations to be monitored; Fairfax Water Authority took 13,000 samples over last year to come up with their quality tables that they have released into their nine page yearly report. If you're curious how safe our water is you should give it a read; the short answer is: very safe. [...]

Our most recent employee to finish apprenticeship

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One of our plumbers, Oscar, completed his four year plumbing apprenticeship program recently, and officially graduated last night. Dwyer Plumbing was a platinum sponsor at the PHCC award banquet, where our company president, Dan Cochran, himself a graduate of the program many years ago, was there to congratulate Oscar. Dan had previously also been an [...]

Dwyer is on Facebook

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We're always looking for honest feedback. We aim to consistently you with excellent service that will keep you happy and referring us to friends, family, and neighbors. Most of our business is through personal referrals, which is just the way we like it. However, back in March, Dwyer Plumbing finally decided we'd set up a Facebook [...]

AC in DC

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It's always nice when intellectual elites recognize their capacities have limits. A few years ago, Philip Terzian, the literary editor of the "Weekly Standard", acknowledged: I am generally bewildered by the mechanics of heating and air conditioning, and after a few desultory attempts to stop and restart the system, came to the sad conclusion that [...]

Spring 2013 is nearly here

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Spring may be here at last. Well, the official day has passed us by but the typical temperatures haven't come around to stay yet. Last year, a WaPo blogger reported that 2012 was the warmest spring on record, but this year is clearly different. We saw a surge a warm weather a month ago when [...]

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